Monday, December 11, 2017

John Pursch - Nine Poems

1. Ad Lib

turn to water 
in public ad lib.

2. Gladiolas

Springing moot hind oiler saw, 
peachy oaken nuptials, 
orange in ipso catered seizure, 
orphaned gladiolas. 

3. Groceries in August
I see a gal, a sea,
an omnivalent census 
of groceries in August.

4. Illicit Hips

Drip a dollop, 
draft illicit hips a solid, 
foment auction open road 
gorilla motive amateur. 

5. Marzipan
Oats now 
snow white 
over marzipan! 

6. Mauve Ouches
Thinking mouth 
of crawlspace 
mutters lunacy 
in mauve ouches. 

7. Nomenclature
Fading out by radio, 
secondhand illusion
melts in iron 

8. Snow Knew What
Snow knew what 
to turn on mid-life 
faucet cut to 

9. Zoot Elan Kerplunk
Chi-squared prolapse 
inner freak 
dominates blue 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christopher Barnes - Five Poems

1. Utilize “Pharmaceutical Revival” ™

Our “Better Screens” placebo-inducing curtains
Are fortuitous in any infirmary.
  (He captures her smile in a Kodak.)
Loomed with strung-random aspirins
We dissolve thoughts of pain,

Supporting health by association.

2. Twinkles In Nightspot lights

For unsound bones.
  (Mirrorball, swing-dancing, tall, brimming glasses.)
Be the chitchat.
“Voguish Solutions” ™ introduce –
Plaster casts moulded from reprocessed vodka bottles,
Crunched to harmlessness.
  (Good cheer smiles.)
Issued with protective lining
Effortless to apply,

Dries in a flash.

3. Whisk Away Your Purchases…

In a “Mother Sweet”™ basket
Tastily woven from sugar cane fibres.
  (Pyramid of meringues.)
Cherry-pick a hood,
Butterscotch or marzipan.
  (Steaming Toffee Pudding.)
For gateau and roly-poly nibblers

Who unmistakably crave it all.

4. Permit Motivational Ltd. To Fit You Out…

In June’s essential textile –
Silicone-bobbled diet pills
On midnight lace.
  (Revealed in hotel window.)
Eternally waterproof in unruffled use,
Fadeless in blazing afternoons.
  (Reclining on plaited chaise.)
Overlook skulking in the half-light of a windbreak,
Thread our “Summer Love”™ bikinis with a flatter.

Be the favourite on the beach.

5. By “Surfacing Cosmetics”™

Kick-start the chores with a fragrance
The senses won’t begrudge.
  (Entrance-making white ball gown.)
Revives and valets
Spent, have-the-pip faces.
  (Monitor, keyboard, plugged-in desk.)
Tequila-lemon wipe pads

For the party’s aftertaste.


Monday, November 27, 2017

Heath Brougher - Two Poems

The Veins of Japan 

)}] ¥      *   = 
{{{{[ + % \•\ )()()(•)
___'___ • ____"____#
 : ;  : ; : ; ' : ; /
 .......    ;.....      ;
ß~~~~~£•* =à
€=] + #@
[] {}-^
, •"-"      
     ààà______ ! )•( 
….\....\....\...\..\.\.\      .(

Two Teeth 
Don’t snozzle your mask
don’t spangle your smile
don’t childrenly chuckle to yourself
                        birthed to bloom
                        now lost of blossom
                             to a muddiness
                        among a plethora of plumpness
rot sprouts ubiquitous sitcom
            as if                                         speckled on a blue spreckled sap sucker’s eggs
dross imagos   dross talk   dross teeth   dross existence
wire tired—    the guns out already
and of course not one of them            backfires
            so very naïve to the abspestos painting [the work of art — the weak of art]
                                    upon the ceiling poisoning
            the air from lobby to roof
at every turn of the maze a mirage suddenly springs up—
Ceasar knows best
the candyfloss from the candy tree
brings a reader exaggerated focus [say “sugar high!”]
            confused imagos—     something tells me the apes will be back
but not immediately—         this poem painful as looking for a haystack
                        in a giant pile of needles.